CBD Tea vs CBD Coffee: What’s The Difference?

CBD Coffee

Unless you’ve been completely avoiding social media, you’ll most definitely have seen CBD products everywhere. Influencers and even medical professionals are now recommending this interesting little compound to their followers, as it’s said to have many health benefits both mental and physical. There are lots of different CBD products on the market too including things like CBD oil, CBD gummies, and even CBD infused coffee and tea. These last two have becoming increasingly popular lately, so if you’re intrigued and want to find out more, keep reading! You’ll discover exactly what the difference is between CBD coffee and CBD tea… 

What Is CBD? 

CBD is a chemical compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant and is then added into a number of products and sold accordingly. You might be thinking that because it comes from the cannabis plant that it’s going to make you feel high. However, CBD is completely non-psychoactive, so it won’t impair you in any sort of way. In fact, people only start to feel drowsy if they take way too much! Research into CBD is still ongoing, but the results that scientists have seen so far are extremely promising. It’s important to note that you should always speak to your doctor before taking CBD, as it’s been said to sometimes interact with certain medications and make them less effective. Now, let’s take a look at CBD tea and coffee. 

What is CBD Tea? 

CBD tea is extremely simple really and you can have it in two different ways. The first is through buying CBD teabags from a CBD retailer. These tea bags are filled with loose CBD infused tea leaves. Once you pour hot water over, the CBD is released, and you’ll be able to enjoy your CBD tea in minutes. The second way that you can have CBD tea is to make it yourself. You simply need to make your drink of choice and pop a few drops of CBD oil into it. This method can help you control your dosage and make it stronger when you need it. Some days you might only need 5mg, but other days you might be struggling and want to up it to 30mg instead. If you have your own oil, you can add however much you like to your tea and enjoy it’s natural calming benefits. 

What Benefits Does CBD Tea Have?

CBD tea has many different benefits, with helping you to unwind being one of the most common reasons people drink it. Tea has long been associated with relaxation and soothing anxieties, so CBD tea just takes it to the next level. CBD oil itself has a strong, earthy taste, but once it’s added into your tea, you’ll barely even notice it. Tea, no matter what type, has a relatively powerful flavour itself. So, in fact, the CBD enhances the flavour rather than detracting from it. CBD tea can be a great drink to have when you’re feeling stressed or anxious, as the relaxing properties of CBD can really help alleviate any worries that you have. It’s also a great insomnia remedy too. Try having a cup before bed, and you’ll soon find that you drift off naturally within minutes! Not only that, but your quality of sleep will be much higher thanks to the CBD, ensuring you wake up refreshed each and every morning. 

What Is CBD Coffee? 

CBD coffee is slightly different to CBD tea, but it’s still very easy to access. You can find CBD infused coffee beans which will allow you to make your own barista-style coffee at home. The regular coffee beans are roasted and then mixed with CBD so that it infuses with them. When you then grind the beans and extract your coffee, the CBD will be released and filtered down into your cup. If you don’t have your own grinder, then you might want to look into making CBD coffee in a different way. All you need to do is make you preferred drink and then add some CBD oil into it. Lots of cafés take this approach as it’s super easy and you can tailor the amount of CBD going into the drink much easier. So, if you see a CBD latte on the menu, why not give it a go? 

What Benefits Does CBD Coffee Have? 

CBD coffee has lots of benefits, but one of the best ones is that it actually helps to soothe the coffee jitters that often come along with caffeine consumption. CBD has a calming effect on your body, so when you start to feel panicky or like your heart is racing after drinking coffee, it will negate those side effects and make drinking it much more enjoyable. Drinking a cup of CBD coffee each morning before work could also help improve your concentration. Normally, when you drink caffeine, you crash once the effects wear off. However, if you add some CBD to your cup of joe, you’ll find that your energy and alertness levels last way longer, and well into the afternoon. Another little bonus is that CBD is said to enhance the flavour of coffee too. The terpenes in CBD are quite acidic which can help cut through the bitterness of the coffee and make the flavour much more rounded. 

As you can see, the difference between CBD coffee and CBD tea, is that one helps you to be more productive and negate caffeine jitters, and the other can help you relax and calm down. They both can come pre-made and infused with CBD or you can make them yourself by adding CBD oil into the finished drink. Both will have the same effect, so it’s whatever is easiest for you when it comes to preparation. CBD coffee seems to be more common in cafés, but that’s probably because most people go for coffee over tea when visiting them. So, if you see a CBD coffee on the menu, it’s always worth asking if they can make a CBD tea instead. Being able to create such a beneficial drink at home is also a huge benefit to both tea and coffee, and it makes accessing them a lot easier. So, if you’re looking for a drink that not only tastes delicious, but can also soothe your worries, make sure you check out CBD teas and coffees. You’ll soon feel the difference they can make! 


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