center for animal health and welfare easton pa


These are the words of Dr. Edwin H. Marshall during a speech at the Animal Health and Welfare Fair, Eastern Pennsylvania. The main focus of this year’s event at the fair was the adoption of a new code to require all veterinarians to evaluate animals for signs of disease. This provides additional evidence that pets are healthful and should be adopted as soon as possible – and that they should not be euthanized! Dr. Marshall also offered a personal pledge to his friends and employees who work or volunteer at Animal Health and Welfare Fair over the next 12 weeks and stated his intention to adopt five animals from the fair.

British company, “Center for Animal Health and Welfare Easton PA” is one of the leading companies dedicated to understanding animals and their welfare. Their goal is to put animal welfare first in connection with their products, services and businesses. They do this through a collaborative approach fit for a billion people. Their goal is to care for all living beings, from farm animals to sea turtles. This includes annual vaccinations for humans and livestock, the introduction of genetic testing for diseases, education and training for those who work with animals including worker’s compensation programs, animal cruelty laws and pet care standards.

The Center for Animal Health and Welfare (CEHW) is dedicated to protecting the planet, helping animals and establishing a responsible environment for everyone using all resources at hand. CEHW is a non-profit animal and wildlife protection organization. We are focused on educating our communities about the health of animals and animal welfare by raising awareness of the best practices, ethics and practices in this area. We also work to promote environmental sustainability through environmental initiatives that help local economies improve their environmental footprint.

The Center for Animal Health and Welfare is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides animal care services to animals and their owners. They are committed to providing the most humane way to keep animals from harming themselves or others. As a nonprofit, they do not charge any fee for their services to animals; instead, they primarily provide these services at no cost to their clients.


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