Effective Online Course Teaching: a three-step process 

Online Course Teaching

To become an effective online course teacher, along with various other skills, time management is highly important for all. An online course teacher has to work on many academic things every day. To think of innovative ideas, make videos, audios, PowerPoint presentations, and more, teachers have to invest a lot of daily time. 

 To complete all these tasks well, and manage time for themselves and plans too, teachers must work on time management. Along with this, for effective online teaching, providing students with a proper academic understanding and having active class participation are equally important. Let us discuss some effective ways that teachers can follow to work on all these three steps.

Step one: Time management skills 

For effective online course teaching, time management plays an important role. From recording lectures, making videos, and conducting live classes, several tasks need to be performed. To manage and complete all these duties well, online educators must use time wisely. 

  • Plan well and create a to-do list 

As we discussed above, an online course teacher is surrounded by duties and responsibilities from all around. To manage the teaching duties well, proper planning and preparation in advance are important. See what all tasks need to be performed, and make a to-do list. Prioritize the tasks as per the urgency and necessity. Once done by making a list, stick to it for systematic completion of the tasks. 

  • Work in smaller portions every day 

Online educators have to make proper study material for students. For every lesson, audio, videos, and other multimedia need to be formed. Creating such a huge chunk of course content in one go is not possible. Teachers must not procrastinate or delay the work. Practice fragmented working which means doing tasks in smaller portions every day. Make a few videos, and audios regularly. This will help you to be energetic, active, and highly accountable too. 

Step 2: Provide students with a proper academic understanding

  • Use technology to teach

Sometimes, understanding the applicative and theoretical topics from the textbooks, become difficult for students. Also, listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is boring and less engaging for students. To overcome this problem, teachers must use technology in the classroom.

 By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Classes become more interesting and fun too. Make an online course selling website, and upload these technical resources there for easy students access.

  • Ensure proper doubt resolution 

Platforms to create and sell online courses are increasing with the advancement in technology. To teach effectively here, ensure proper doubt resolution. Once done with teaching a particular topic, allow students to ask doubts. Ask them to press the hand raise option and raise questions one by one. In the case of asynchronous learning, you can ask students to mail their doubts to the given email address or post the doubts on the education app being used. Answer students in detail and the easiest ways possible. 

Step 3: Have active class participation 

  • Conduct interesting activities 

For effective online course teaching, having active participation in the classroom is important. To make your online live classes more participatory, teachers must conduct interesting activities. Some of the examples are group discussions, recitations, question-answer rounds, presentations, and more. 

Creating Google forms, and multiple-choice question worksheets for group discussions is also advisable. Encourage all students to feel confident, and comfortable and participate in these activities. This will help students to learn better, receive instant feedback and improve. 

  • Have game-based learning 

As we discussed above, textbook learning is not very engaging for students. To make classes participatory, switching to technology is a great idea. Today’s kids are highly attracted to games, therefore teachers must use the same in the classroom. Teachers can make online quizzes, riddles, and puzzles. Give students some time to crack the solutions and later have group discussions. This game-based learning is quite effective to make classes more participatory, interesting, and fun. 


With the growing technology, online course platforms are also increasing. By following the above-mentioned three-step process, one can become an effective online course teacher. This will help teachers to be accountable, provide students with a proper academic understanding and ensure a high success rate of the course. 



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