What’s Holding Back the how long can my dog go without peeing Industry?


One might argue that dogs shouldn’t pee, but it’s impossible to say if they can’t and they can. I’ve been watching my dog for a long time and it seems that she’s finally done peeing quite a bit, so I’m not sure why she’s peeing more than usual. I think she’s just finally getting bored.

Dogs don’t pee in the same way that people do. The way we pee is by using the bladder to empty the bladder, which is why it’s common for animals to pee less than people. But dogs do have a bladder, and they can pee more often than people.

Dogs have a bladder, but it is not the usual way someone else would pee. There are three main reasons dogs can pee more than humans. First, dogs do not pee through the urethra, as do people. Instead, they pee by using their bladder. The bladder is the narrow tube that houses the urine. When a dog urinates, the bladder is full of urine and pressure, and the kidneys push the urine out in a stream.

This has been known for many years, and is one reason why dogs have been bred to be more obedient, and to be less social than people. That’s also why dogs are so much more expensive. The bladder is more costly to manufacture than the urethra, so these are the most common reasons for dogs to pee less than people.

I used to think the dog peeing habit was weird, until I learned about the urethra. Then I realized that there are actually a few simple reasons for dogs to pee less than people.

Dogs can’t urinate if they can’t urinate at all, so they pee less because they’re more likely to be unable to pee at all. It also helps that there are fewer muscles around the bladder so it’s easier for them to relax when trying to pee.

So, how do dogs pee less than people? It starts with the lower frequency of urination. So, if a dog has to urinate 3 times per day, then they’re peeing less than people. You can make the same argument for the less frequent urinations.

Dogs also pee less when they’re sick. This is because dogs are able to push urine into their lower body to help them to expel themselves of the illness. This helps dogs to conserve more energy and prevent them from becoming dehydrated. As a result, they also pee less than people when they are sick.

In terms of frequency of urination, this may actually be a problem for some dogs. It may be a good idea to check to make sure your dog is not having a particularly excessive amount of urination, but in general, I don’t think its a problem.

Its only a problem for a dog if it is causing you to pee too long or too often. In my case this has never happened with a dog I have had, but I would never advise anyone to keep a dog that is not causing them to use their bladder to be a problem.


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