mission hills health care


mission hills health care was founded in 2012 by John Wilson, a former president at the University of Kentucky in College Park, a fitness manufacturer. In 2014, mission hills launched the mission hills fitness track that incorporated the world’s largest crowd-sourced database of data about how we move and how we move. The company believes that these are the core data to accurately measure and understand each person’s general health, as opposed to relying on their own interpretation of what is going on. They have a team of over 50 doctors (mostly doctors) with experience in chronic care medicine, surgery, and internal medicine. They are looking to change the way many people take care of themselves by incorporating cutting edge technologies into all aspects of healthcare delivery.

mission hills health care is a biotechnology company that develops and manufactures the world’s safest and highest quality medical equipment. mission hills health care is revolutionizing the medical field by creating and manufacturing medical devices that are superior to the competition in both design and function. With the technology of mission hills, patients today can expect better safety, faster healing, and reduced hospitalization costs while improving quality of life.

mission hills health care is a startup ready to take your health care to the next level. mission hills health care has been bringing the world’s best quality products and ingredients for over 10 years and that’s why my work there has been on constant improvement, for over 10 years. mission hills health care offers a complete line of custom dietary supplements, and supplements with nutrition information about the ingredients contained in them. To complement our custom dietary supplements with nutrition information and product reviews, we have launched our own line of functional foods, balanced snacks, and healthy beverages.

mission hills health care is a mission of not just health care but also a mission to deliver the best product to you. They focus on treating people and their conditions with the most advanced technology available, while maintaining the highest standards of production and service… without compromising your comfort level. Their brand new training center and non-invasive dental treatments are providing high-tech dental enhancements to patients who consider themselves as having it – never mind stuff they can’t afford or can’t afford to do themselves. Mission Hills Health Care, in my opinion, should become a major player on the local health care scene.


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