Specialty Contact Lenses Care Tips

Contact Lenses

Has your doctor recommended contact lenses? Contact lenses can be an excellent glasses alternative. Vision problems like corneal issues, including keratoconus, refractive problems (astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness), dry eyes, and others can be managed with contact lenses. Specialty contact lenses San Antonio are tailor-made to fit your specific needs and can provide powerful vision correction. To get the most out of contact lenses, you need to give them proper care to keep them in good shape and avoid further damage to your eyes. Below are some contact lenses care tips to consider.

Use the correct products and tools

Before you hop in, gather as much information as you can on contact lenses. For example, the directions of use provide useful information. The instruction pamphlet provides recommendations regarding cleaning products and whether you need to use any tools for insertion, removal, and storage.

Ask your doctor for more information

It is recommended that you go over lens care and wearing procedures with your eye doctor, making it easier to understand how they work, the tools you need, and how to handle them. Remember that every specialty contact lens has a specific care procedure. Rather than assuming things, consult your eye doctor to take you through the best methods for inserting, removing, and overall care of your lenses. Specialty contact lenses are a bit more costly than standard lenses and are not for single use. They are meant for repetitive use; thus, taking care of them is highly important to ensure they serve you long enough and effectively.

Clean and disinfect your lenses after removal

After removing your lenses from the eyes, you should clean and disinfect them. This helps preserve the lens in good shape and eliminate bacteria that could build up, get in your eyes, and lead to an infection. Besides speeding up wear and tear, if not well cleaned and cared for, contact lenses could harbor germs that could worsen your vision challenges.

Place your lenses in the same pattern every day

Your custom specialty lenses are not interchangeable. The lenses are customized to each of your eyes, and the fit for each may be distinctively different. To avoid this mix-up of placing your lens into the wrong eye, always insert them in the same order. Remember to do the same when cleaning them, making it easier to pick the right lenses for each eye. You may request that your lenses come with a mark to help you differentiate between the two. Besides better functionality, since each lens fits the unique shape of the individual cornea, you won’t be straining it, which makes it easier to maintain them in better shape.

Remember the extras

Most specialty contact lenses come with extra insertion steps. Sclera lenses, for example, require you to fill them with saline before insertion. The saline is not just to make the lenses more comfortable. This extra step helps create a vault, critical for vision correction and keeping your eye healthier. Don’t discount the extras, even when it feels like the lenses are working just fine when you skip the steps.

Specialty contact lenses are comfortable, provide a full field of focus view, can correct a range of vision issues, and helps you maintain a more natural look. With proper care, they can serve you well for the set period, typically 1-3 years. Don’t wear them after the expiry of their life expectancy, though; a change is necessary to help protect your eyes. Contact Alamo Eye Care today for more on contact lenses and maintenance tips.


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