vrable health care


While the US is currently one of the countries in the world that has relatively high rates of health care inequality, it isn’t the United States where health care has the most inequality.

In your life vrable health care does not even qualify as a health insurance (unless it’s a health insurance plan).

Your health care is basically what you are being given, and it is a good idea to have your insurance covered. It doesn’t happen with insurance plans or insurance plans with a plan. There are plenty of people who would pay more for health insurance than they pay for health care. But the percentage of people using health care as part of their income has reached a peak, and it isnt even one-tenth of the population.

The reason why health care rates are so low is because we pay for it all with tax money. Our tax dollars are used to pay for social security and Medicare and Medicaid. These taxes are used to pay for health care. So we don’t have to do it. We pay taxes, and our taxes go to pay for the doctors and the hospitals, and the equipment and the medicines that are needed to treat our illnesses and the ones that will be required for our medical treatments.

Even so, it isnt even one-tenth of the population.

So why is our healthcare system so broken? Because it was designed by people who didnt get a clue. I know what you’re thinking.

The problem with social security and Medicare and Medicaid, is that all they do is redistribute the wealth from the working poor to the rich. They redistribute money from lower-income Americans to the very wealthy. The tax that is paid on money is the money that is being taken from the working poor, but the money that is taken from the working poor isnt distributed to the working poor.

So if the wealthy dont pay taxes, they are taxed. What happens is that they get more money, which means they are able to pay more taxes. So when everyone in the country is in a tax coma, the working poor are being left out in the cold. The working poor have to wait to get any money that is supposed to be distributed to them, which means they are not getting any money.


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