what you need to know before getting a vype epod


There are a few different types of e-cigarettes on the market today, and we’ll explore what each one offers before deciding which is best for you. Some features you should look for include Draw-activated technology, Compatible with freebase nicotine e-juice, and battery life. But there are a few more things you should consider before purchasing.

Pod-style kit

If you’re looking for a great vape pen that is convenient to use, the Vype ePen 3 is a great choice. This pen comes in various colours, including pink and green, and you can also purchase the pen in silver or white. You’ll want to make sure you buy a Vype ePen refillable pod, as these can be costly.

The Vype ePod uses prefilled nicotine salt pods. They are available in six flavours, including Tropical Mango, and are widely available in online and convenience stores. The Vype ePod comes in stylish, compact boxes and is highly portable, and the pods are also dishwasher-safe. While the Vype ePod may not be as convenient as a traditional pod kit, it is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys a pod vape’s convenience and ease of use.

While e-cigarettes are a good option for people who wish to quit smoking, vaping is not an approved method for smoking cessation. While nicotine salts can help smokers quit smoking, the FDA hasn’t yet certified them for this purpose. So while there are some risks involved, vaping can be a great alternative to smoking. Whether you want a kit with built-in batteries or prefer to vape with nicotine salts, this device is a great option.


Draw-activated epod systems are a relatively simple way to get started with vaping. These systems are remarkably similar to smoking cigarettes, the only difference being that a draw-activated pod uses air pressure to activate the heating element. To start using a draw-activated e-cigarette, you press the vape to your lips, inhale, and repeat the process as often as you like. While the draw-activated e-cigarette is easy to use, some devices can be complicated to operate.

Compatible with freebase nicotine e-juice

Most vape kits are compatible with freebase nicotine e-juice. This form of nicotine is the original and has the advantage of being available in countless flavors. It is also available in different nicotine strengths, so it is suitable for various vape kits. Shosha also offers premium vape juice that is compatible with freebase nicotine. You can choose between multiple flavours and nicotine strengths to satisfy your vaping preferences.

Freebase nicotine has a higher pH level than its counterpart nic salts, increasing the strength of the nicotine hit, which is harsher for the throat. However, unlike nic salts, freebase nicotine e-juices are easier on the throat and less harsh to inhale. Nicotine salts also contain benzoic acid, which helps to reduce the PH level of the vape juice.

In addition to freebase juice, salt nicotine e-liquid is compatible with pod systems. However, their flavour is not as prominent as freebase e-juice, specially made for pod systems. Despite these differences, many pod systems are compatible with both types of juices, and pod systems also require different nicotine strengths. 

While most pod systems are compatible with both types of e-juice, the difference between freebase and nicotine salts is the resistance of the coils. For the latter, you should use higher-resistance devices for safer and more efficient dosing. 

Battery life

The Vype ePod comes with a 350mAh storage battery and can last up to a day with moderate use. The battery life is average compared to other pod vapes on the market. There is also no learning curve as the battery is built to last for about two to three hours. It is not necessary to carry a backup pod. The pods are secured to the device with magnets and have a locking mechanism.

The ePod has a good battery life and an over-discharging protection feature, which shuts off the device when battery voltage drops below a set limit. The battery life of the Vype ePod depends on your usage, and it is usually enough to last a day if you do not refuel every two hours. But if you are a heavy vaper, you might have to recharge your ePod frequently. Its battery is relatively small compared to other vapes, but the ePod can vaporize e-liquid fast. 

The Vype e-cigarette from vapebarn.ca/collections/vype-epod-Canada is a convenient prefilled pod system that is easy to use and low maintenance. The throat hit is similar to a cigarette and makes the transition from a traditional cigarette easier. The Vuse e-cigarette comes with over 20 different flavour cartridges and is also compatible with Vuse devices. The Vype device and its pods are compatible.


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