Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Elimination Update



Bigg Boss Telugu 7 has been creating a lot of buzz among the audience since its premiere. The show, known for its drama, emotions, and entertainment, has been witnessing eliminations every week, keeping the viewers on their toes. In this blog post, we will provide you with the latest update on the eliminations in Bigg Boss Telugu 7.

Current Elimination

As of the latest episode, (mention the latest elimination episode) of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, the contestant who got eliminated was (name of the eliminated contestant). The eviction process in Bigg Boss is based on a combination of audience votes and housemate nominations. The contestant with the least number of votes faces elimination and has to bid adieu to the show.

Controversies and Drama

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is no stranger to controversies and drama. The housemates often engage in heated arguments, emotional outbursts, and strategic gameplay, which keeps the viewers hooked to their screens. The competitive spirit among the contestants sometimes leads to conflicts, alliances, and unexpected twists in the game.

Strategies and Alliances

In a game like Bigg Boss, strategies and alliances play a crucial role in determining a contestant’s fate. Some housemates form strong bonds with others to survive in the game, while others resort to manipulation and mind games to stay ahead. The dynamics inside the Bigg Boss house are ever-changing, making it a challenging and unpredictable environment for the contestants.

Fan Favourites and Voting Trends

Throughout the season, certain contestants emerge as fan favourites due to their personality, gameplay, or emotional connect with the audience. Fans show their support by voting for their favourite contestants, influencing the eviction process. Analyzing the voting trends can give a glimpse of who might have a higher chance of winning the show and who could be at risk of elimination.

Key Takeaways

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, drama, and entertainment. The show’s format of eliminations keeps the audience engaged and invested in the contestants’ journey. With each elimination, the competition gets tougher, and the remaining housemates have to up their game to stay in the race.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How are contestants nominated for eviction in Bigg Boss Telugu 7?
  2. The contestants are nominated for eviction either through housemate nominations or tasks assigned by Bigg Boss.

  3. How can viewers vote for their favourite contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 7?

  4. Viewers can vote for their favourite contestants through missed calls, the official voting website, or the Voot app.

  5. Is the elimination process solely based on audience votes?

  6. The elimination process in Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is a combination of audience votes and housemate nominations.

  7. Do housemates know who nominated them for eviction?

  8. Housemates are usually aware of who nominated them for eviction, leading to confrontations and conflicts in the house.

  9. Are the eviction results announced immediately after the voting ends?

  10. The eviction results in Bigg Boss Telugu 7 are typically announced in the weekend episodes, creating suspense and anticipation among the housemates and viewers.

In conclusion, Bigg Boss Telugu 7 continues to be a popular reality show that captivates the audience with its engaging content and unpredictable twists. The eliminations keep the contestants on their toes, navigating through challenges, alliances, and strategies to emerge victorious. As the season progresses, the drama intensifies, making it a must-watch for all Bigg Boss fans.


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